Relocation and Reconstruction

("Pinui Binui")

Ze'ev Haklai Jerusalem

A project for the evacuation of 64 apartments and the construction of more than 200 apartments on the slopes of Bayit Vagan in Jerusalem.

Ein HaYam Givat Olga Hadera

A construction Project of a new neighborhood in the Givat Olga neighborhood in Hadera. The project will be carried out in the form of vacating and construction, in which 198 apartments will be vacated and over 1,000 apartments will be built in their place alongside commercial and public areas.

La Guardia Tel Aviv

The project includes 84 apartments for vacating. Two residential towers of about 30 stories will be built in their place, with 288 apartments. The project is located on the La Guardia route in Tel Aviv. The project is part of a larger complex promoted by the Tel Aviv municipality, which includes an additional residential tower of about 30 stories and an office tower that rises to 25 stories.

Mohaliver Yehud

The project is the vacating of 12 buildings, and the construction of hundreds of apartments around the park. The project is located on the border of Moshav Magshimim next to the Bialystok neighborhood in Yehud.

Bar Kochva Bnei Brak

The project is the evacuation and reconstruction of about 150 apartments in 5 buildings, and the construction of a prestigious office tower of 55 floors. The project is located on Jabotinsky Street in Bnei Brak.

Yordei Hasira Tel Aviv

The project includes three buildings for vacating – a total of 31 units combining residential and commercial buildings, in their place, a prestigious residential tower will be built in the Tel Aviv Port area, at the corner of Yordei Hasira and Hayarkon Streets in Tel Aviv.

Harari Ramat Gan

The project includes six buildings with a total of 60 apartments to vacate and construction of 3 luxury residential towers with 240 apartments on the eastern side of the city of Ramat Gan on bordering the Neveh Yehoshua neighborhood.

Tekuma Kfar Saba

The project includes 14 buildings of 2-3 floors, with 294 apartments in total for vacating. In their place, a commercial center of 200 sqm., and a number of prestigious residential towers with 1,068 apartments will be built around a green park that will serve the residents of the neighborhood.

Bein Hasderot Tel Aviv

The project includes 7 buildings and 106 apartments for evacuation. Instead, seven residential towers of about 6-9 floors will be constructed, with 420 apartments. The project is located between the streets of La Guardia, HaGibor Ha’Almoni and Emek Ayalon in Tel Aviv.

Rambam Be'er Yaacov

A project that includes 217 apartments to vacate in the heart of Be’er Yaacov and the construction of several residential towers, public buildings and a green park.
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